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MOSIP is a robust scalable and inclusive foundational identity platform

The Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP) helps Governments and other user organizations implement a digital, foundational identity system in a cost effective way. Nations can use MOSIP freely to build their own identity systems. Being modular in its architecture, MOSIP provides flexibility to countries in how they implement and configure their systems, and helps avoid vendor lock-in.

Anchored at the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B), MOSIP harnesses the power of open source and embraces the best practices of scalability, security and privacy.

Use Cases Layer:

Country Specific ID-Linked Services

System Integrator Layer:

For Country Customisation

Core Technology Layer:

MOSIP Platform

MOSIP Principles


Every major feature of the application is handled as a separate plug and play service

Privacy & Security in Design

The individual is the owner of their data, and all flows of identifiable information is with user consent, through trusted environments


Built with open APIs to enable interoperability and promote a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation


Standard, world-class tech platform available for free, can be leveraged to keep cost of systems low

Vendor Neutrality

Open standards, frameworks, documentation and full code disclosure to avoid vendor lock-in

Use of Automation

Adopted to minimize the cost of ownership, especially in testing


Infrastructure & networks designed to support performance and availability within well-defined SLAs

Configurability and Customisability

Extensibility with country-specific features using a microservices/API approach


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