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MOSIP Technology
Offering core digital ID infrastructure
MOSIP’s code base, along with detailed documentation, is available as open-source software under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. In setting up a national ID system, this platform, along with all extensions will be offered to a country partner, free of cost.
Platform Support
Supporting countries in MOSIP adoption
In addition to the open-source platform, the MOSIP team offers all country partners L3 support. This includes:
- Regular interactions with countries
- Identification of issues and bugs, and problem-solving

For countries adopting MOSIP’s LTS 1.2.0 version, the MOSIP team extends technology support for a minimum of 5 years from implementation.
Equipping countries to understand and operate MOSIP technology
MOSIP Academy offers country officials consolidated training modules to aid in understanding essential basics of the environment and technology. This ensures that countries are equipped with the ability to identify, assess, and solve issues throughout the implementation process.
Capacity Building
Making countries full and independent owners of their digital infrastructure
MOSIP technology is developed with the understanding that technology solutions cannot be static. The support team at MOSIP offers concerted capacity-building to ensure that, over a period of time, country partners are equipped to adapt and modify their national ID technology in a way that can be dynamic to changing environments.
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